Sunday, April 24, 2011

Charlie goes to Lake Victoria

'Off we go again,' said Charlie.  'Looks like another weekend of golf.'

Charlie arrives at Lake Victoria.
'Don't worry,' said Abba.  'I can manage to play golf without you, Charlie.  Why don't you go to the swimming pool with Granny, and then I can have some peace and quiet on my own?'

Abba playing golf.
'Goody!' said Charlie. 'I'd better go and get ready.  Is this our banda?'

'Come in, Charlie,' said Granny.
Charlie went inside.  What a nice little house!  It had a huge mosquito net for Charlie to swing about on.

It had a comfortable big bed for Granny and Abba.
It even had an umbrella in case it started to rain.
But best of all was the swimming pool.  Charlie wasn't too keen on getting in, but he did like sunbathing.

The swimming pool at Kingfisher Safari Lodge.
Charlie sunbathing, with his sunglasses on.
'I think I'll read my book,' said Charlie.  

'Why don't you have a quick dip first?' said Granny.

So Charlie made his way to the children's pool.

Charlie thinking about swimming.
'Mmm,' he said.  'I don't think chimpanzees like swimming.  Water makes my fur all wet.'

'Granny, you can go swimming.  I'll just read my book instead,' said Charlie.

Charlie's book was all about Africa.
So Granny went swimming all by herself.

When she got out of the pool, Granny said, 'Charlie, would you like to come for a walk?'

'Oh yes,' said Charlie.  'Let's go exploring.  Look, there's a play area.'

Charlie ran across the grass.

'Let's go on the swings!' shouted Charlie.

Charlie on the swings.
Up the ladder went Charlie.
And down the slide he went.
'Whee!' shouted Charlie.  'I like this.'

Charlie having a little rest.
'What's over there?' asked Charlie.

Charlie climbed the wall so he could see better.
'It's a crazy golf course,' said Granny.

'Do you think that's where Abba's playing golf?' asked Charlie.

'I don't think so,' said Granny, 'but let's go and see.'

'I can't see Abba,' said Charlie.
'I'll just climb up here to have a look,' said Charlie.
''Abba, where are you?' called Charlie.

'I wonder if Abba's here,' said Charlie.
'Charlie!' shouted Granny.  'Look out!  There's a hippo just behind you!'

'He's just pretend,' said Charlie.  'Did you think he was going to eat me up?'

'I don't think Abba's here,' said Granny.  'I think he went to a proper golf course.  Let's walk down to the lake.'

Can you see Charlie?
Granny and Charlie walked down the path to the lake.

Charlie looking over the hedge.
'Look at all the boats,' said Charlie.

Charlie climbed onto a big cactus plant to have a closer look.
Charlie could see all the villagers working hard.  He could see washing on the line, and lots of wooden boats for the men to go out fishing in.  Some children were collecting water from the lake.

Collecting water from the lake.
Carrying the water back home.
'Those jerry cans look heavy,' said Charlie.  'I'm glad I don't have to get my water from the lake.  I just turn on a tap.'

Charlie could see two boys out fishing.  
'I wonder if they've caught anything,' said Granny.  'It would be nice to have some fish for tea.'

Charlie on the path back to Kingfisher Safari Lodge.
'I'm going to see if Abba's got back yet,' said Charlie.  'I'm feeling hungry.'

'Hello, Abba,' said Charlie.
And there was Abba, waiting at the top of the hill.

'Time for a little drink,' said Abba.

Having a little drink.
'No, Charlie,' said Abba.  'Mine's the beer, yours is the passionfruit juice.'

Soon it was time for tea.  

''I wonder what I'll have for my tea,' said Charlie.  'I could have a curry like Abba.'

Abba's curry.
Then Charlie looked at what Granny had chosen.  It was an enormous tilapia fish, caught in Lake Victoria.

'I'll never eat all that,' said Granny.

Granny's tilapia.
'Yum, yum, fish and chips,' said Charlie. 'I think I'll have some of that.'

So Granny and Charlie shared the enormous tilapia.  

'Time for bed, Charlie,' said Granny.

'Goodnight Abba,' said Charlie.

'Goodnight Charlie,' said Abba.

'Goodnight Granny,' said Charlie.

'Goodnight Charlie,' said Granny.

And Charlie went off to bed with his tummy very very full.