Saturday, February 19, 2011

Charlie plays hide and seek

'Hurray, I'm on my holidays,' said Charlie.  'I like holidays.  I wonder what I'll do today.'

'You could go for a nice healthy walk,' said Abba.

'You could go for a nice healthy swim,' said Granny.

'I don't want to walk and I don't want to swim,' said Charlie.  'I want to have fun.  I want to play with my friends.'

Charlie on his holidays.
'Well, you'd better go outside and look for them,' said Granny.

Charlie ran outside. 'Hello Colobus!  Colobus, where are you?' he shouted.

He ran down to the swimming pool.  'Are you there, Colobus?' he called.

Can you see Colobus?
No one answered.

He looked in the dining room.

Can you see Colobus?
'I'm here, Colobus!' he shouted.  'Do you want to play with me?'

No one answered.

Charlie ran outside.  'Where are you, Colobus?' he shouted.

'I'm here!' he heard.

'Where?' said Charlie.

'Up here, above your head.'

Charlie lifted his head.

'I can't see you,' he said.

'I'm here,' said Colobus.

Charlie looked up and there was Colobus, right above his head.

'Hello Colobus,' he said.

'Hello, Charlie,' said Colobus.

'Do you want to play?' asked Charlie.

'Oh yes,' said Colobus.  'What shall we play?'

'Let's play hide and seek,' said Charlie.  'You hide and I'll come and look for you.  I'll go and count up to a hundred.'

Colobus ran away and Charlie turned round and started to count.

Charlie counting.

'One, two, three, five, 10, 20, 50, 100!  Coming to find you, ready or not!' called Charlie.

'I wonder where Colobus will be,' thought Charlie.  'I know, he'll be up in the trees.  Now, I wonder if I can see him.'

Can you see Colobus?

Where is Colobus?

Is he here?

Or here?
Is he here?

Perhaps he's here....

...or here
What about here?

'I can see you!' said Charlie.  'Found you, Colobus!'

There's Colobus!

'I enjoyed that game of hide and seek,' said Colobus. 'Now it's my turn.  You hide and I'll come and find you.'

So Colobus shut his eyes and counted up to a hundred.

Colobus closed his eyes when he was counting.
'One, two, 10, 12, 15, 16, 92, 100.  Coming ready or not!' and Colobus jumped down from his tree and scampered around looking for Charlie.

But Charlie wasn't ready.  He was still rushing about looking for somewhere to hide.  He ran into Granny and Abba's house.

Do you think this is a good place for Charlie to hide?

What about this place?

Do you think Colobus will find Charlie here?

What about here?

Charlie was getting very worried.  He ran round and round trying to find a hiding place where Colobus wouldn't find him.
Can you see Charlie here?
'I know!' exclaimed Charlie.  'I know just the place!'

There above Charlie's head was the mosquito net.  Colobus would never look up there!  Charlie stood on the bed and made an enormous jump, and there he was, on the top of the mosquito net!

Charlie hiding on top of the mosquito net.
Charlie kept very very still.  He waited for Colobus to come into the room.  Charlie waited and waited. Then he waited again and waited a bit more.  No Colobus!

And then the door opened and in came Colobus.  Colobus looked in the basket.  He looked in the yellow vase.  He even looked under the bed, but he couldn't find Charlie anywhere.

'I can't see Charlie anywhere,' said Colobus.  'He's definitely not here.'

And Colobus went outside again.

'I think I'm winning,' said Charlie to himself. 'I don't think Colobus knows where I am.'

So he crept quietly down the mosquito net, he crept outside, he crept by the swimming pool and he crept into the trees.

Charlie creeping very quietly.
'I'm back!' he shouted.  'You didn't find me Colobus!'

'You won!' said Colobus.  
Charlie wins at hide and seek.

'That was a wonderful game,' said Colobus.  'Can we play again?'

'Of course,' said Charlie.  'Let's play tomorrow, because now I'm going to have my tea.'