Sunday, January 23, 2011

Charlie goes to Scotland

‘Hello Charlie,’ called Granny.  ‘Where are you?’

‘I’m up here!’

‘Where?’ said Granny.

‘In my favourite tree, of course,’ said Charlie.

Can you see Charlie hiding in the tree?
‘Oh yes, so you are,’ said Granny.  ‘I can see you now.  Charlie, I've something very important to tell you.’

‘What?’ asked Charlie, sliding down the tree trunk.

‘I’m going away soon and I wondered if you’d like to come with me.’

‘Where are you going?’ asked Charlie.

‘I’m going to Scotland,’ said Granny.

‘Is Scotland nice and hot like Uganda?’ asked Charlie.

Nice hot Uganda
‘I'm afraid not,’ said Granny.

‘Oh dear,’ said Charlie.

‘Has Scotland got lots of rainforest like Uganda?’ asked Charlie.
The rainforest where Charlie lives.
‘ I'm afraid not,’ said Granny.

‘Oh dear,’ said Charlie.

‘Do lots of bananas and mangoes grow in Scotland?’ asked Charlie.

Can you see any bananas?  What other fruit can you see?
‘I'm afraid not,’ said Granny.

‘Oh dear,’ said Charlie.

‘Will I see elephants and hippos in Scotland?’ asked Charlie.

Is this an elephant, or is it a hippo?

What do you think these big animals are?
‘I'm afraid not,’ said Granny.

‘Oh dear,’ said Charlie. ‘I’m not sure if I really want to go to Scotland.’

‘But somebody really special lives in Scotland,’ said Granny.

‘A special person?’ asked Charlie. ‘Who’s that?’

‘Miho lives in Scotland,’ said Granny.

Who do you think this is?
‘Miho?’ said Charlie.

‘Yes, Miho,’ said Granny.

‘Hurray!’ shouted Charlie.  ‘I love Miho!  Will I see Miho if I go to Scotland?’

‘Of course you will,’ said Granny.

‘Well that’s it, then,’ said Charlie. ‘I’m definitely going to Scotland.  I’d better go and pack. I’ll make sure I’ve got plenty of bananas and mangoes in my suitcase.’

‘Haven’t you forgotten something?’ asked Granny.

‘What?’ asked Charlie.

‘What about taking a present for Miho?’

‘Of course,’ said Charlie. ‘I know what I’ll take her.  I think Miho would like to meet some of my friends.  I’ll take Hornbill, Giraffe, Lion, Zebra, Parrot and Monkey.’

‘You’ll never fit all your friends in your suitcase,’ laughed Granny.

‘Oh yes I will,’ said Charlie. ‘Look, Granny.  They’re finger puppets.’

Can you see a giraffe, a zebra, a monkey, a lion, a parrot and a hornbill?
‘Oh, so they are,’ said Granny.  ‘Miho will love them.’

So Granny and Charlie got on the plane and came all the way to Scotland to meet Miho.

‘Hello, Miho,’ said Granny.

‘Hello, Miho,’ said Charlie. 'What's all this white stuff on the ground?'

‘It's snow,’ said Miho. 

‘What’s snow?’ asked Charlie. 'We don't have snow in the rainforest.'

‘It’s cold white flakes that come out of the sky,’ said Miho. 

'My hands are cold,' said Charlie.

‘I like snow,' said Miho. 'It’s great when you’re playing with your friends.  Would you like to come to the park with us?  We could go sledging.’

‘What’s sledging?’ asked Charlie. 

'It's when we pull each other around on a sledge. You need lots of snow for sledging.  It's great fun.’

‘Could we take Hornbill, Giraffe, Lion, Zebra, Parrot and Monkey with us?’ asked Charlie.

‘Oh no! It’s much too cold for them,’ said Miho.  ‘They’re used to the nice hot weather in Uganda.  We’ll take Baby and Baby Teddy with us.  They’ve got lovely warm coats. And I’ve got my cosy hat which Granny made and my gloves from Granny Margaret to keep me warm.’

‘What about me?’ said Charlie. ‘I haven’t got any coat or gloves.’

‘You’ll just have to run about to keep warm,’ said Granny.

So Daddy put Baby and Baby Teddy in his Daddy-bag.  Miho sat in her sledge and Daddy pulled her down the hill.  

Off they went to the park.

'Miho, put your gloves on,' said Daddy.
First they went on the slide.

‘I’m not sure that I like this,’ said Charlie. ‘My bottom’s all wet.’

'Miho, put your gloves on,' said Daddy.
Let’s go on the see-saw,’ said Miho.  ‘You sit at one end.'

'And I’ll sit at the other end.  Seesaw, Marjorie Daw….’

‘I’m getting a bit dizzy,’ said Charlie.  ‘Up and down, up and down, up and….whoops!’

A cold damp Charlie landed on the ground.

'Up you get,' said Daddy.

‘I don’t think I like the seesaw,’ said Charlie.  ‘Now I’m wet and cold all over.’

‘I know,’ said Miho. ‘You can all go on the bouncy horse.’

‘It’s a bit crowded,’ said Charlie.

'Miho, put your gloves on,' said Daddy.
‘Let’s sit on the bench and decide what to do,’ said Miho.

‘I want to go sledging,’ said Charlie.  ‘We can all sit on the sledge, Baby and Baby Teddy and me, and you can pull us.’

‘That sounds like great fun,’ said Miho. ‘Get in the sledge Charlie.  Get in the sledge, Baby.  Get in the sledge, Baby Teddy…’

‘Daddy, have you seen Baby Teddy?’ asked Miho.

‘No,’ said Daddy.

‘Granny, have you seen Baby Teddy?’ asked Miho.

‘No,’ said Granny.

‘Charlie, have you seen Baby Teddy?’ asked Miho.

‘No,’ said Charlie.

‘I want Baby Teddy,’ cried Miho.

‘I want Baby Teddy,’ cried Baby.

‘I want Baby Teddy,’ cried Charlie.

‘I suppose I’d better go and look for him,’ said Daddy.

‘Don’t cry,’ said Granny.  ‘I’m sure Daddy will find him soon.’

Daddy looked all over the park.  He looked by the trees.  He looked in the snow.  He looked on the slide and under the see-saw.

‘Where is Baby Teddy?’ cried Miho.

‘Where is Baby Teddy?’ cried Baby.

‘Where is Baby Teddy?’ cried Charlie.

‘I’m sure Daddy will find him,’ said Granny. ‘Come on, Miho.  We’ll have a look too.’

And then, in the distance they saw Daddy with a very cold Baby Teddy in his hand.

‘Baby Teddy, where have you been?’ said Baby.

‘Welcome back, Baby Teddy,’ said Charlie.

But Miho just gave him a big cuddle.

‘We’d better get you back home,’ she said. ‘You need a nice hot drink and then I’ll tuck you up into bed.’

So Miho tucked Baby Teddy up in her hat and put him in the sledge with Baby and Charlie.

Then Granny, Daddy, Miho, Baby, Baby Teddy and Charlie said goodbye to the park and climbed the hill back home.

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