Saturday, January 1, 2011

Charlie goes on holiday

One day Abba said, ‘You’d better go and pack your suitcase, Charlie.  We’re going on holiday.’

‘Where are we going?’ asked Charlie.

‘We’re going to a lodge in the middle of a forest,’ said Abba.

‘Yippee!’ said Charlie. ‘I’ll go and pack at once.’

‘What have you got in your suitcase, Charlie?’ said Granny.

‘A bunch of bananas and a mango,’ said Charlie.  ‘I don’t want to get hungry on the journey.’

When they were all ready, Granny, Abba and Charlie climbed into the car. 

‘Can I go in the front?’ said Charlie.

It was a long journey.  Charlie was glad he’d packed some food. 

They arrived at last.

‘Here we are.’ said Abba.

The lodge was right in the middle of the forest, next to a lake. 

‘Can I go swimming in the lake?’ asked Charlie.

‘Not in the lake,’ said Granny.  ‘There are hippos in the lake.  We’re going to go swimming in the swimming pool.’

And there, next to the lake was a lovely swimming pool.

Granny and Charlie went swimming while Abba read his book. 

Charlie had brought his book too. 

Just then he noticed something moving by the side of the pool.

‘Oh look,’ said Charlie.  ‘There’s a monkey by the pool.  I wonder who he is.’

‘Hello Charlie,’ said the monkey.  ‘My name is Vervet.  I live here in the forest with my friends.  Do you want to come and play with us?

‘Granny, can I go and play with Vervet?,’ asked Charlie. 

‘Of course you can,’ said Granny. ‘I think you’d better get dry first though.’

Granny gave Charlie a good rub with the towel.

First Vervet showed Charlie a tree by the lake which had lots of lovely fruit which monkeys like.  

Then he showed Charlie the hammock by the side of the swimming pool.

‘Look, you can swing in it,’ said Vervet.

Vervet and his friends jumped onto the hammock and swung it backwards and forwards.

‘Can I have a go?’ said Charlie.

Charlie and Vervet had a great time playing on the hammock. 

Soon it was time for Vervet to go back to his mother.

‘Bye bye, Charlie,’ said Vervet.

‘See you tomorrow,’ said Charlie.

Charlie stretched out on the lounger.

‘This is the life for me,’ he said.

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